AtomicMarket is a shared liquidity NFT market smart contract that is used by numerous websites to provide their users with the greatest experience that is feasible. This contract was developed by AtomicMarket.

AtomicAssets is a community of blockchain enthusiasts that are active on the Proton Blockchain and WAX. Pink Network is the company that produced AtomicAssets. This platform is hosted by the Eosio blockchain technology, and users can trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the Atomic Hub Marketplace.

Everyone has access to this site, and they are able to generate digital assets and tokenize them on the platform. In addition, auctions, purchases, and sales of digital assets are all possible on this platform.

The Team at AtomicMarket

Atomic assets were first made available in February of 2020 and have quickly gained popularity since their debut. On the other hand, the Atomic Hub Marketplace became live in June of this year.

However, the official website of AtomicMarket does not provide a great deal of information on the individuals who make up this marketplace’s workforce. As a consequence of this, we are not in a position to speak very much about the creative minds that are behind this NFT economy.

Working and concentrating

The AtomicAssets Hub would not be complete without the presence of this marketplace. It makes it possible to advertise assets that are up for sale, and then those assets are also put up for auction so that anyone can buy them according to their individual tastes. In addition, users are granted the ability to make purchases and place bids on assets that are part of a variety of collections and decentralized applications within the marketplace.

AtomicMarket is a shared liquidity marketplace that is utilized by a number of different websites to facilitate the trading of NFTs. In this context, the term “shared liquidity” refers to a feature that ensures all of the assets that are listed on one marketplace will also be available on the other marketplaces. It serves as a trading platform for AtomicAssets. Tokenization and the creation of digital assets can be accomplished with relative ease by utilizing the standard of atomic assets. They will have very little difficulty transacting the assets by using this marketplace.

Users have the option of advertising their own NFTs, or they can simply browse through the listings that are already there. Verification checkmarks are given to non-fantasy trading cards (NFTs) that belong to well-known collections. This makes it simple for consumers to identify genuine NFTs. The portal has a blacklist of all collections that contain malicious software.

Are you a novice to NFTs? First, I’ll explain what an NFT marketplace is, so that you may have a better understanding of what it is you’re getting into.

Atomic Hub Marketplace grants users the ability to list any and all original and one-of-a-kind works of art. When such pieces of art are accepted onto the platform, the portal will request verification to guarantee that the token was initially created by the specified artist. For the purpose of providing evidence of the artwork’s uniqueness, the platform might provide in-depth descriptions of the process by which the artwork was created or storage space for the artwork’s raw files.

Approach Based on the Atomic Market

AtomicMarket, a platform that is powered by Wax, makes it relatively simple to construct a marketplace for NFTs. This is made possible by the platform’s NPM module as well as its extensible API. In contrast to AtomicMarket, CryptoSlam uses WAX as its native cryptocurrency rather than ETH. The two platforms share a liquidity pool. Because of its robust API, digital artists are now able to construct their own NFT marketplaces, and it is not necessary for these creators to have in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Charges for Utilizing the Atomic Hub Marketplace

A commission fee will be deducted from your balance if an order is placed through AtomicMarketplace. In most cases, the commission is expressed as a set percentage of the total value of the trade. The commission that is charged by the marketplace, which is referred to as AtomicMarketplace’s fee, is equal to 2.00% of the entire sale price. When a sale is made, this commission is withdrawn from the customer’s account via smart contracts automatically.

There is a possibility that you will also be required to pay other fees, such as blockchain fees, royalties, and so on. However, you will not need to be concerned about the additional fees because they are subtracted from the total sale price only and are not levied as an additional charge to the sale price. This means that you will not have to worry about them.

The Organizational Structure of the Atomic Hub Marketplace

A number of different NFT marketplaces make their NFTs available to the public for trading. In addition to the listing, they provide information on their bids, the amount of time that is still left in the auction, etc., in a number of different formats. Which one you feel most at ease using and watching is entirely up to you, and no one else will be held responsible for your decision. Because each piece of art sold on Atomicmarket has its own unique ID, it is much simpler for customers to zero in on the piece of art they are looking for.

When it comes to defining what exactly an artwork is, it is the responsibility of the individual artist who created it. Along with the artwork, they will be required to establish a number of parameters. These parameters include the name of the Collection, the name of the Asset, and the name of the Schema. The artists will be obligated to include the properties of the digital asset that they have generated on the platform as part of the platform’s requirements. Some of the qualities include the ability to dispose of the asset by burning it, as well as its transferability.

The portal also includes a record of the asset’s past pricing activity for your perusal. The interface of the marketplace has been designed to be user-friendly, and in order to make things simpler for purchasers, recent transfer history is displayed. Additionally, you will find a list of available artworks that are comparable to the one you are looking for, which may pique your interest.

Various Methods of Payment

There are a number of NFT marketplaces that accept payments and deposits made using debit or credit cards, and there are a handful that also allow deposits made using PayPal. AtomicMarket, on the other hand, does not accept either credit cards or PayPal payments. To the best of our knowledge, the platform is only capable of supporting WAX tokens; nothing else.

The only function the portal possesses is one that enables the addition of new tokens at predetermined intervals. On the other hand, the newly introduced tokens won’t be determined until there is a demand for them. The customers have the option of setting the value of their assets in US Dollars as well.

On the other hand, when settlements need to be made, they will only be paid for using WAX tokens, which will then be translated using the rates that are currently in effect.


People who have been considering participating in the industry for an extended period of time will find this particular point to be quite helpful. The Pink Network-designed marketplace is in no way affiliated with the original creators of the content it sells. The creators do not receive the commission charge that is deducted by the marketplace; rather, the money is used to compensate the marketplace for the services it provides, which include facilitating the listing and the purchase of the item being sold.

It only indicates that another group may also take the market API and use it to build their own markets, in which case they will receive the transaction fees if trading takes place. The flexibility is the same across all of the many marketplaces that use the AtomicMarket contract. Therefore, if you are offering an asset for sale in Marketplace A, it is possible to purchase the asset in Marketplace B, and if this exchange takes place, the costs for both Marketplace A and Marketplace B will be increased by 1%. As a result, rather than engaging in direct competition with one another, distinct marketplaces instead mutually benefit from one another.

Unique Features

There is always the possibility that a decentralized application (dapp) will want to include a marketplace as part of their offering, even if they are simply interested in finding a marketplace for their own collection. AtomicMarket is a useful tool for users in this regard as well. They have the option within their application to show only the purchases and auctions for digital assets that belong to their decentralized application (dapp). When this is finished, the marketplace will give the appearance of being exclusive to the dapp alone; however, the users of the dapp will be unaware that they are actually utilizing the Atomic Market platform behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, if Atomic Market is utilized, the auctions and sales would then become viewable on other markets as well.

It is essential to produce digital assets in advance of minting a new type of token (NFT). It might be anything with a picture on it, some kind of artwork, or just about anything else that people would be interested in buying and that could be sold. After the digital assets have been generated, the NFTs are subsequently “minted” using them. There are a few different marketplaces available for minting. However, because there is such a large number of options to choose from, it might be challenging for individuals to select the most reliable NFT marketplace.

You, as the creator, are the one who is responsible for minting an asset, and there is only one place where you may actually mint your artwork.

When it comes to the marketplace for the Wax blockchain, you will find that there are various options accessible; however, Atomicmarket is the best option available among all of them. This marketplace features listings for all Wax projects, and it gives users the ability to trade their digital assets for Wax tokens in exchange for those assets. As was previously mentioned, at this time it is only compatible with Wax tokens.


Atomic Market is a platform that enables users to very easily establish their own portfolio of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There is a choice labeled “NFT Creator” that can be found at the very top of the menu. Selecting this option enables users to generate their collection without incurring any additional costs related to gas. You have the option of stuffing each collection with NFTs that have a common motif. The creators of NFTs make use of schemas in order to standardize the data that underlies NFTs.

It is a leading marketplace that gives users the ability to buy and trade non-fungible tokens, making it one of the best of its kind. To easily develop and tokenize digital assets, you can make use of the standard offered by AtomicMarket. Additionally, it gives you the ability to buy, sell, and auction off assets. Put your assets up for sale on the market and negotiate a price for them.

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