NFT displays in 2022

How should you display your NFTs? The straightforward approach is to select from among the top NFT displays and digital frames available on the market, which is a decision that is more difficult than it might initially appear. Even though screens that allow users to upload digital photographs have been on the market for years, bespoke NFT displays offer additional features that make it possible to view, hear, and authenticate your prized NFT collection.

It is time to put them on display once you have mastered the NFT, made one of your own, and acquired several of your very own. The very finest NFT frames and displays will allow you to connect them to your bitcoin or NFT wallet, and they will also produce audio and video of the highest possible quality. The majority of high-quality NFT frames have gallery-quality wood frames and utilize high-end technology.

The most advanced NFT screens that are currently available

01. Meural Canvas II


• A sophisticated veneer made of wood

• Establishes a connection to an NFT wallet using MetaMask

• Excellent display quality


• Swivel mount is available for purchase separately.

• Should be able to accommodate a greater number of NFT wallets

When it comes to digital art frames, Netgear has a solid track record, but with the Meural Canvas II, the company took things to the next level by enabling connectivity to the NFT MetaMask crypto currency wallet. This indicates that you are able to link an NFT directly to the screen and manage the display from within your cryptocurrency wallet. In addition to that, it will present a QR code that may be verified together with any associated metadata.

The frame itself is also really attractive. A traditional picture frame appearance is achieved by the combination of its wood finish and the canvas inner that houses the screen. You have the ability to modify the image clarity and backlighting using the TrueArt Technology, which will ensure that the screen always displays an image of the finest possible quality.

The Meural Canvas II is capable of displaying not only NFTs but also any digital art file or video file that has been submitted through the app that is associated with it. The display can be oriented in either the vertical or horizontal plane (using a swivel mount, sold separately). The artwork can be manually and automatically modified to fit the specific measurements of the frame.

The Meural gallery service, which is also offered by Maker Netgear, provides access to hundreds of works of art. However, a yearly subscription to this service would set you back $70 or £70. The Meural Canvas II is, in general, the most effective means there is to exhibit your NFTs at the moment.

02. Canvia – Digital Art Canvas


• Exceptional standard and level of finish

• Method that places emphasis on art

• Establish a connection with your NFT MetaMask wallet.


• Should be able to accommodate a greater number of NFT wallets

Another display that enables you to connect your NFT wallet straight to the digital screen is called the Canvia – Smart Art Canvas. This indicates that the frame will conduct a verification check on your collection at the time it is being streamed or uploaded.

Canvia has a stellar reputation as a gallery frame producer, and now the company is transferring that expertise into the consumer market for picture frames. The ArtSense technology built into the frame will automatically adapt the backlighting and screen settings to complement the artwork as well as the lighting in the space. This will ensure that your NFT collection is compatible with the atmosphere in the area.

The anti-glare screen has features that save energy, and it can be connected to Alexa so that complete control may be exercised by voice commands. This Canvia frame is available in black, white, cherry, and wood grain, and it offers the feel and appearance of a high-end, classic canvas frame. You may also zoom in on artworks and display certain sections of them with this app.

Canvia’s subscription model is one of its most appealing features because it enables users to stream thousands of works of art, such as NFTs and paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum, and the National Gallery of Art, among others. You also have the option to post and share your artwork.

03. BlockFrameNFT is an acronym for the digital NFT display frame.


• It is designed for use with NFTs

• Integrates with a number of different NFT wallets

• A tidy size with an attractive presentation


• It is not a touchscreen device

• There is no audio built in.

The BlockFrameNFT – Digital NFT Display Frame is designed with a primary focus on non-fungible tokens, in contrast to other digital frames that support non-fungible tokens. This full HD display was developed with NFTs in mind, and as a result, you are able to connect a variety of cryptocurrency wallets to the device. Some examples of these wallets include MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Temple Wallet. The Coinbase wallet is not yet supported at this time.

The procedure is straightforward: once you have signed the NFT art and acknowledged ownership of it, you can use TokenCast to cast any Ethereum or Tezos-based NFTs you have created. If you are utilizing MetaMask, the display provides you with the option of displaying either your metadata or a QR code that leads users to your address.

If the file is too huge or requires a lot of visual processing power, the display may experience a stuttering effect. The creator of the frame thinks that it is most ideally suited for still artwork or for short movies. The absence of an integrated audio output and a touch screen contribute to the frame’s lightweight sensation in comparison to those of the other NFT frames on this list.

However, the device offered by BlockFrameNFT is geared at NFTs, boasts higher wallet connectivity than some of the other options, and has the ability to further increase its connectivity in the near future. It is also one of the NFT displays on our list that is available at a more reasonable price.

04. The Frame, manufactured by Samsung


• Fantastic visual fidelity

• Slim picture frame look

• You can also use it as a television.


• Unable to connect a non-fiat currency wallet

When it comes to the production of digital picture frames, Samsung has a solid track record. Its premium brand, which is known as The Frame, is a QLED 4K Smart TV that is designed to seem like a thin picture frame. It achieves this by utilizing quantum dot technology, which results in a picture that is vivid and clear (quantum dots produce over a billion shades of colour for true-to-life images).

Is it a picture frame or a television? It is a combination of the two. The 4K AI will upsample anything that you see, and when you’re not watching TV, it will switch back to Art Mode and automatically display some of your favorite pictures. It has the appearance and feel of a high-end digital frame, as it is designed to lie flush against a wall and is available in four magnetic frame colors that are interchangeable: black, white, beige, or walnut. It also looks excellent.

The fact that The Frame was not developed with an NFT display in mind is one of its major drawbacks. Because of this, rather than connecting the frame to an NFT wallet, which does not have the verification process that is present in NFT-enabled frames, you will be required to upload your artwork through a third-party app. Nevertheless, there is a fantastic answer to this predicament: download the Blackdove app (details below).


• Purchase NFTs from the marketplace provided by Blackdove.

• Utilizes the technology used in Samsung TVs

• Utilizes Blackdove’s in-house developed mobile application


• Extremely high in cost

Within the realm of NFT picture frames, Blackdove and its own Blackdove Digital Canvas reside at the very pinnacle of quality. These are displays that were developed specifically for the purpose of connecting to NFT wallets and displaying art in all its glorious detail. The technology behind these Ultra HD displays comes from Samsung and was developed in collaboration with a South Korean company.

The Blackdove app and the proprietary software that runs these swish NFT displays are what you are actually paying for when you purchase the product. You may safely import artwork from the majority of the top NFT markets by connecting a MetaMask wallet to your computer. In addition, Blackdove maintains its own marketplace, which features the work of hundreds of artists and limited-edition NFTs.

Frame sizes range from the normal 49-inch screens all the way up to 98-inch displays, which is the pitch that Blackdove offers, which is to bring a gallery level of design and quality into your house. Additionally, the organization provides a specialized installation service known as “white glove,” which is often provided only to museums and art galleries. Keeping this information in mind, the starting price is $4,180.00 (or £4,180.00).

The Blackdove frames are amazing, but what really sets them apart is the ability to use the company’s app on a conventional television and transform any existing digital device into a non-traditional picture frame. In spite of the fact that it is compatible with Apple TV, Sony, and LG, the fact that you are able to purchase Samsung’s superb The Frame (seen above) and download Blackdove’s software resolves the one fundamental problem with Samsung’s NFT display.


• Designed and constructed with NFTs in mind

• Establish connections with several different NFT wallets

• Includes technologies for voice, gesture, and sound


• You are required to place a pre-order.

The Lago NFT display, which is one of the more forward-thinking displays that will soon be available for purchase, is already accepting pre-orders (the price has not yet been determined). The Lago digital frame is not yet commercially available, but it has been demonstrated, and it appears to be quite intriguing due to the fact that it combines a 4K display, unusual square proportions, and gesture control.

Proof and provenance are at the center of the display that the manufacturer has designed for its frame. The manufacturer guarantees that its frame will be connectable to practically all NFT wallets. The technology that is concealed behind the Lago frame is what draws the most attention. It combines a 4K screen with an integrated sound bar, voice control, and gesture support in order to fully submerge you in the NFT artwork.

You will be able to validate NFTs, follow artists, construct collections, and keep track of NFT collections and drops if you use the companion Lago app. The Lago frame and app have already attracted a sizable and growing group of users.


Is it possible to print out and frame an NFT?

If you are the owner of the blockchain token that corresponds to an NFT, then you have the legal right to print it out and display it in a frame. However, certain NFTs have different contracts, so if the work in question was not created by you, check with the IP owner. If you choose to do this, the best thing you can do is print out a QR code that directs them to your artwork or collection. On the blog The Practical Art World, you’ll find a guide that will walk you through the process of creating labels that meet gallery standards (opens in new tab).

Displaying an NFT entails what steps, exactly?

1. Putting an NFT up for sale on a marketplace such as OpenSea, Rarible, or Mintable is the simplest way to do it.

2. Displays for digital picture frames can be brought into the house to showcase non-framed artwork.

3. There are applications available that can display NFTs on iPhones and tablets. These applications also offer jpeg frame visuals.

4. It is also possible to exhibit NFTs within the metaverse, in locations such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, for example.

5. You might have your NFTs printed on canvas and then have them framed. Be certain that you have the NFT!

Are you able to frame an NFT?

Yes, you are able to show off your NFT art and collections with the help of digital frames. The most reliable ones are connected to the internet and provide users with the opportunity to link to a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask. This ensures that your ownership of the NFT as well as your artwork can be independently validated.

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