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Since its inception in July 2021, World of Women has experienced a meteoric surge to the top of the NFT charts. It is currently commanding a 9 ETH (about $25,000 – $30,000) floor price on secondary marketplace OpenSea. The project has benefited from promotion by actress Reese Witherspoon, whose media business Hello Sunshine joined with the WoW project in February 2022. The partnership was announced at that time.

In a similar vein, the Canadian division of KPMG made its first entrance into the realm of digital collectibles by purchasing a non-fungible token (NFT) from the World of Women collection. This transaction marked the worldwide accounting firm’s entry into the collectibles market.

KPMG Canada spent 25 ETH on the 13th of February to acquire the NFT referred to as Woman #2681.

After that, there came the extremely rare World of Women NFT #5672, which was sold at Christie’s on March 1 of this year for an unbelievable 260 ether, which is equivalent to $755,000. The rare non-fungible token, also known as an NFT, possesses characteristics that are found in fewer than one percent of all World of Women NFTs.

What is this latest NFT collection, and why is it raking in high sales volume and steadily ascending up the charts? This question has been circulating among CryptoPunks and members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The current floor cap for WoW NFTs places them 11th overall in the NFT scene’s overall rankings.

In this article, we will discuss the history of one of the most exciting new NFT projects currently available on the market, as well as make some educated guesses about the pricing of World of Women NFT in 2022.

What exactly is this World of Women?

In the realm of non-fungible tokens, also known as “Non-Fungible Tokens,” World of Women is a community that was formed to celebrate representation, diversity, and equal opportunities for all individuals.

World of Women was initially started by a group of four close friends, and since then, the WOW platform has grown to include a full-fledged staff of nine people. Their mission is to build a strong and welcoming community in addition to a varied assortment of items, as this is their motto.

How many National Final Tournaments are there for World of Women?

Yam Karkai, the leader of the WoW NFT project, is the one who single-handedly conceived of and executed the NFT World of Women’s very first collection. It was initially made available to the public on July 27th, 2021. The World of Warcraft collection features 10,000 photos with varying degrees of exclusivity that are produced at random. Ether is the sole currency that may be used to purchase these 10,000 NFTs, which are stored on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of RC-721 tokens.

According to the official website of World of Warcraft, the following is the team’s mission:

• Acquiring one-of-a-kind works of cryptographic art in order to assemble a collection

• Publicizing and exhibiting the work of the artists included in its collection

• Supplies and services for daily operations, as required by the Curator’s Club

• Taking into account the feedback provided by all World of Warcraft non-faction traders

Advantages of Investing in World of Women Non-Traded Shares

The owners will also have the ability to download the NFTs in an extremely high resolution, and they will have unique access to individualized pre-sales as well as discounts and offers that are exclusively available to members.

According to their website, the following is an exhaustive rundown of the advantages that are available to owners of World of Women NFT shares:

• Possession of the Intellectual Property — If you own a World of Warcraft non-faction token, you are the owner of the underlying artwork as well as all of the Intellectual Property associated with it.

• Obtaining exclusive prints – World of Warcraft is a fan of limited edition toys (NFTs), but they also like seeing art on walls where it can be enjoyed by friends and family. Token holders will be eligible to receive an airdrop of up to one hundred signed and framed prints. To be qualified, all you need to do is own a WoW NFT. They will select ten random owners at random after every thousand primary sales and send those owners a print of their WoW NFT.

• Taking pleasure in your NFT in high definition – Each World of Warcraft NFT is an 800 by 800 pixel PNG file that can be downloaded by using the right mouse button. However, in order to unlock its incredibly high resolution of 4,000 by 4,000 pixels, you will need to first purchase a World of Warcraft Next-Gen Collector’s Edition (WoW NFT). After that, you will have permission to print the artwork on your own and use it in any creative endeavors you choose.

You can use the website to determine the rarity level of a World of Women NFT, also known as how uncommon it is. Although some NFTs may be uncommon, there are others that are even more so, and only a small percentage are one-of-a-kind. Designer Yam Karkai was responsible for the creation of the entire World of Women NFT collection. With the assistance of a one-of-a-kind computer program, she randomly blended 11 qualities with 189 attributes to come up with the collection.

Karkai, for instance, was responsible for the creation of a wide variety of things, including 14 distinct skin tones, 23 facial features, 28 eye combinations, and 25 distinct haircuts.

NFT Collections from the World of Women

The World of Women NFT project includes the following statement in its manifesto: “Designing a base woman that could be any ethnicity was incredibly crucial for us.”

One of the most valuable NFTs in the project is called Woman #8317, and it was recently listed at 11.5863 ETH, which is equivalent to 30,719.51 USD. Similarly, Woman #4730 was selling for 27.1997 ETH, which is equivalent to 72,116.08 USD, and another one called Woman #4791 was going out for 9.6657 ETH (25,627.13 USD).

In addition to working toward achieving parity and representation in the NFT world, the World of Women project has brought attention to three important efforts, which are as follows:

• With the assistance of “The WoW Fund,” to provide assistance to and promote newly rising artists all across the world. As a result of this change, fifteen percent of the total primary sales from WoW NFTs were invested back into crypto-art.

Why to give back to organizations that are run by women and put an emphasis on being environmentally responsible. One such illustration is the phrase “She’s the first.” It is an organization that gives financial support and local solutions to girls in 26 countries all over the world in order to empower them through education and the dissemination of knowledge. In a similar vein, the WoW project has been providing assistance to an NFT-artist known as “Strange Cintia,” who has been dealing with acute myalgic encephalomyelitis or Chronic fatigue syndrome for the past 20 years.

• Lastly, but most crucially, Realm of Women aims to educate and welcome underrepresented minorities and women into the world of Web 3.0 and NFTs. This goal is part of World of Women’s larger mission.

Partnerships for Women in Business Around the World

World of Warcraft has been generating buzz for some time now. In October of the previous year, 2021, World of Women made the announcement that it intends to display its NFT collection in a variety of museums and galleries.

With the introduction of DAWoW, the project has successfully accomplished its first step toward shared community governance. However, the publication of its second collection, which goes by the name World of Women Galaxy, has been possibly the most thrilling news of all the announcements.

According to the information provided on their official website,, the designers of that second collection wanted to provide novices with an opportunity to invest at a price range that was more reasonable.

World of Women has been on a mission to have a positive impact all over the world. This mission has included everything from developing the popular signature WoW collection to bringing thousands of individuals into the modern era of the internet, as well as launching partnerships with major brands and providing support to artists and nonprofit organizations.

Since the very beginning, WoW has had the vision of developing the company into a brand that is centered on promoting and celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equitable opportunity for all. This mission and vision will be carried on through the World of Warcraft Galaxy.

This most recent collection from Yam Karkai, the well-known artist who was responsible for creating World of Warcraft, comes with unique advantages and will open up prospects for more individuals to become owners and contributors.


The charity “TooYoungToWed” was going to work along with the initiative, and the project was also going to release its own goods. In addition to the introduction of a new NFT collection, World of Women recently discussed its intentions to enter the metaverse as part of its efforts to broaden its horizons.

The World of Warcraft team has certainly lived up to their promise and has accomplished a great deal so far. Because of the number of announcements that have been made, the platform has begun a campaign in support of the nonprofit organization TooYoungToWed.

Changes in Climate

In addition to this, it has formed a partnership with Code Green NFT with the intention of providing financial support to verifiable, citizen-powered solutions to the climate challenge.

Since its introduction in July 2021, the World of Women NFT collection has garnered the support of a wide variety of well-known figures, such as the American musician Steve Aoki, the former member of One Direction Liam Payne, and Gary Vaynerchuk, the well-known Belarusian-American businessman.

The Play Area

On the 16th of August 2021, another well-known figure, the American video blogger Logan Paul, disclosed that he had acquired a set of World of Women NFTs. After a few more months had passed, in January 2022, Paul’s collection was supposedly sold for 200 ETH, which is equivalent to around 765,000 USD. The well-known NFT play-to-earn metaverse known as “Sandbox” is the one who recently acquired the uncommon collection.

This transaction may have been the beginning of a long-term business partnership between World of Women and Sandbox. Two months later, on the 8th of March 2022, World of Women made the announcement that it would be collaborating with Sandbox (SAND) and that it would be revealing its plans to establish the WoW Foundation. Within the realm of NFTs and the space of the metaverse, the WoW foundation’s primary objective would be to foster a greater variety of perspectives and perspectives.

Hello Sunshine

There is one public character who, out of all the famous people and famous names, has done more than anybody else to embrace and publicize the World of Women NFT collection. This public figure is Michelle Obama. Since the month of October 2021, when she purchased her very first World of Warcraft NFTs, the American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon has been a great supporter of the NFT collection.

Through her media company, Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon has initiated a comprehensive cooperation with World of Women. There have been discussions of adapting the World of Women NFTs series into both movies and television shows.

Price for the World of Women NFT

The floor price for World of Women NFT in Ethereum

The initial cost to mint a World of Warcraft NFT was 0.07 ETH, and the entire collection was purchased in a single day. OpenSea, which is among the most significant NFT marketplaces, is currently hosting online auctions where the NFTs can be purchased by interested parties.

The price of the floor shot up to more than 10 ETH on February 14 of this year, as if Valentine’s Day had a gift in store for World of Warcraft. On the other hand, the amount of sales for the WoW NFT collection reached an all-time high on the 23rd of January 2022, setting a new record. On that day, a total of 35 tokens were purchased for slightly more than 557 ETH, which is equivalent to around 1,683,404.39 USD.

Recent events, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have contributed to an overall pessimistic market atmosphere, which has resulted in a decline in the average price paid for each World of Women NFT. But since then, they have experienced another another spike, reaching a new all-time high of almost 13 ETH in the month of March 2022.

Floor Price for the World of Women NFT Contract in USD

The current price floor of World of Women NFTs, expressed in terms of dollars, is greater than $31,000 USD, and the 24-hour trading volume, which includes 29 sales, is greater than $870,000 USD. Although this metric is subject to daily shifts, the price floor for World of Women has increased by 13% in the past twenty-four hours.

The lowest sale price this week was $22,000, while the highest sale price this week was $247,000. The average sale price over the past seven days is 34,000. With a floor cap that is greater than $310,000, the project is now ranked 11th overall by The maximum supply is 10,000, and the ratio is indicated as being between 6 and 8%.

Sales for the World of Women

In light of the fact that Hollywood celebrities and worldwide musicians have just joined the World of Women community, it is inevitable that WOW sales will experience a boom in the near future. Over the past few weeks, there has been an increase of more than fifty percent in WoW’s average sales.

Nearly every hour, low to mid five-figure sums are exchanged for World of Women non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The return on investment (ROI) for early investors in World of Warcraft non-factional items (WoW NFTs) was 1,000%. At this time, they are owned by 5,300 different individuals.

Forecast for the Value of World of Women NFT in 2022

On March 1, 2022, MoonPay made a remarkable investment by bidding a total of $754,340 at Christie’s auction house for World of Warcraft National Fantasy Tournament #5672.

It is possible that we can anticipate that the floor price of WoW would one day reach 10% of the most expensive ones that have been sold, which would be equivalent to a floor price of approximately 20–30 ETH. This might first require BTC and ETH to reach new highs, which would draw additional investors into the cryptocurrency space; these investors would then invest in NFTs.

Even if the cryptocurrency markets require some more time to consolidate and trade sideways in the remaining months of 2022, there is one huge bullish event on the horizon in the form of the next Bitcoin halving in 2024.

There is no way to accurately forecast what the price of World of Women NFT will be in the future without taking a risk. However, one thing is abundantly clear: people’s interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and associated technologies such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), metaverses, and decentralized financial systems (DeFI) is on the rise.

What factors contribute to the high value of World of Women NFTs?

Cryptography professionals are unanimously of the opinion that the World of Women NFT initiative stands out in a sector that is generally dominated by men. Many people believe that the primary reason why the popularity of the WoW NFT collection skyrocketed is due to the fact that it displayed how powerful the women’s community is in the crypto world. This view is supported by a number of arguments.

Women were given a sense of empowerment as a result of this, and they were given a glimpse into the garden of possibilities that exists within the NFT cosmos.

According to Octavi Royo Olazaguirre, CEO and co-founder of the digital platform Agora Images, the World of Women NFTs is a once-in-a-lifetime project. This statement was made by Octavi Royo Olazaguirre. He continued by saying, “For the very first time in the annals of human history, there is a global movement of social improvement in women’s rights and dignity, this is very important, and this leads the interest and prices.”

Others in the industry have suggested that the success of the WoW NFTs collection is not just attributable to the fact that it is an inclusive endeavor that is directed by female artists. “They’ve not only developed a beautiful project with extremely high-quality artwork, but they’ve also created an enthused and friendly community from the ground up,” PJ Cooper, an NFT artist and the founder of Pandimensionals, said. “They’ve done a fantastic job.”

A testament to their strategy and commitment to developing an open and inclusive community is the release of their second collection, which intends to welcome more individuals into their community with a cheaper admission price.

How can I go about Purchasing World of Women NFTs?

Some non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are offered for sale at well-known auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, where potential buyers place bids on the NFTs they would like to acquire.

On occasion, an NFT will be listed for sale on the website of the parent business that was responsible for its creation. However, the vast majority of investors in today’s market will use an NFT marketplace, which is a platform on which anybody may buy and sell NFTs. In order to purchase NFTs, you will first need to have some Ethereum in your possession.

Step 1: Register for an account with

At the present time, the vast majority of NFTs are acquired with ether (ETH), which is Ethereum’s native currency. Popular cryptocurrency exchanges like as allow users to convert USD into Ether. This functionality is similar to that offered by many other cryptocurrencies.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency field, purchasing an NFT could seem like a complicated process. However, if you follow our straightforward guide to purchasing NFTs, the process is not at all complicated.

Step 2:Install the eToro wallet

In order to purchase an NFT, you will be needed to set up a crypto wallet, which is a digital wallet that may be used to hold digital currency. Users have access to this feature through the eToro platform.

Your personal address on a blockchain is analogous to a cryptocurrency wallet. Despite the fact that anybody may examine it, the owner of the wallet is the only one who has access to its exclusive features. eToro is currently one of the most widely used suppliers of digital wallets.

Prospective purchasers are required to conduct their own independent research and give serious consideration to their investing strategies in order to reduce the likelihood of making costly errors and suffering financial losses.

The first thing you need to do is select a wallet that has all of the features you desire. The eToro wallet is one of a kind due to its features, such as the free recovery service and the fact that the private key cannot be lost. Alongside ETH, it supports over 120 different cryptocurrencies.

Step 3: Acquire Some Ethereum

The next step, after establishing an account and a wallet, is to purchase some Ether (ETH). In the menu, look for “Ethereum” or “ETH,” then click on either of those terms and look at the price chart.

After that, select ‘Trade’ and establish your orders; you have the option to either buy at the price that is currently being offered on the market or to make limit orders. When you are ready, select “Open Trade” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Invest in World of Women Non-Traded Shares, which provides World of Women, is among the most well-known and often used NFT marketplaces for making purchases of World of Women NFTs. After connecting your money, all you have to do is choose the World of Women NFT that you want to purchase.

If the pricing of the WoW NFT in question is indicated as “buy now,” then you have the ability to purchase the NFT immediately. The second possibility is that the NFT already has a bid under consideration. In such situation, the only thing left for you to do is place a bid on the NFT and cross your fingers that the owner chooses to accept it.

If you are fortunate enough to have your bid approved and the transaction processed without a hitch, you will at long last be able to call yourself the proud owner of a WOW NFT, and that WOW NFT will be safely placed in your wallet once it has been acquired.

Where Will the Future of Women’s Non-Profit Teams Take Us?

In the traditionally male-dominated world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), World of Women NFTs are already drastically altering the market through inclusion, diversity, and female representation. They are contributing, through the novel idea that they have developed, to the development of a sense of community and belonging in the cryptocurrency space, both of which are essential.

WoW has already attracted quite a bit of attention all across the world, in addition to garnering shoutouts from famous personalities from a variety of different fields and walks of life.

Up to this point, the platform has collaborated with charitable groups such as TooYoungWed, in addition to other organizations such as Code Green NFT. WoW was able to finance verifiable citizen-powered solutions to the environment challenge because to the latter. With the introduction of DaWoW, World of Warcraft has also taken its first moves toward a more collaborative form of community governance.

In addition to a planned initiative in conjunction with Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon’s media organization, Hello Sunshine, World of Women is working on a new collection that will be titled World of Women Galaxy, which will be released in the near future.

In addition to distributing World of Warcraft products and entering the metaverse, the energizing NFT initiative has already disclosed its intentions to deliver its unique NFT collection to a number of carefully chosen institutions and galleries.

At the same time, World of Women intends to proceed with its partnership with the charitable organization TooYoungWed to further a social cause. At the beginning of this year, WoW made the announcement that it would be launching the WoW Foundation in cooperation with Sandbox (SAND). The WoW Foundation is intended to foster a broader diversity of thought into the NFT and metaverse sectors.

Is World of Women one of the finest non-financial companies to buy in 2022?

Because of their one-of-a-kind premise, World of Women NFTs have quickly climbed to the top of the popularity rankings in just a few short months since their initial release. It is abundantly evident that World of Warcraft non-fiction books are in it for the long haul as their sales and sales volumes are at an all-time high for a debut in the NFT arena.

Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club collection is another another successful and reasonably priced NFT choice that you might want to take into consideration. The high-growth cryptocurrency project collection includes a total of 10,000 NFTs, and the fortunate owners of those NFTs will have the chance to win daily prizes.

The amazing potential of Lucky Block may be deduced from even a cursory examination of the team’s statistics. For instance, as of right now, the LBLOCK Telegram Group has more than 42,000 and counting members. Within just the first month of trade, the token also attained a market cap of close to one billion dollars fully diluted. This was an impressive feat.

Lucky Block Non-Ferrous Tokens and Prizes Associated with Them

After the initial coin offering (ICO), the price of an LBLOCK token on PancakeSwap went climbed by almost 65 times before reaching its current all-time high (ATH). The price of that token has since been adjusted, making it possible for other investors to get in before the next step up.

Its Platinum Rollers Club collection of 10,000 NFTs includes an additional 25 special NFTs referred to as “Rare Editions,” which award holders with bigger jackpot rewards if they win daily lottery drawings.

The Lucky Block NFT collection has already generated a lot of excitement in the market, and positive news and comments have been coming in from all directions. Due to the fact that it has shown such encouraging results thus far, we can confidently say that LBLOCK is an excellent investment for NFT fans.

Have a look at our NFT calendar to get more information on upcoming NFT initiatives, or go to the NFT Launchpad by clicking on the link below to purchase Lucky Block NFTs.

Visit NFT Launchpad

Cryptoassets, on the other hand, are an unregulated and highly volatile investment commodity.

Alternatives to the World of Women

If you want to invest in NFTs at a lower rate, you may get them at auction on smaller marketplaces for as little as one dollar each. This will allow you to purchase more NFTs. NFT markets such as are safe, connected to cryptocurrency exchanges, and offer less expensive alternatives to World of Women NFTs.

You might also be interested in joining the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers club, memberships for which are currently available for purchase on the NFT Launchpad. This club will provide you the chance to win daily incentives for your participation.


The enormous expansion potential of the company is illustrated by the skyrocketing floor price of World of Women NFTs over the course of the previous several months. The lively community surrounding the project, solid leadership, and unique utility are all indications that it will continue to climb in value over the next few months.

The larger NFT market is now experiencing a strong bull run, which exemplifies the incredible potential offered by these crypto-assets. Create an eToro account first if you want to buy World of Women. The account is easy to set up, it’s secure, and it allows you to trade many cryptocurrencies at once.

The price of the World of Women NFT is now quite high, making it one of the most costly NFTs currently available, and as a result, many investors will be unable to buy one. Other NFT projects are currently trading at lower levels and have the potential to experience significant price growth in the future.

An illustration of this would be the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club collection. Take a look at our NFT calendar for additional information regarding impending NFT drops, as well.

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