Are you interested in becoming a part of the blockchain gaming community but have not been able to locate a game that holds any long-term potential? The games that are now available on blockchains are lacking in several areas, including aesthetics, narratives, and actual game material. The majority of traditional gamers, who are accustomed to playing games that are difficult and have realistic graphics and entertaining gameplay, do not find blockchain gaming to be appealing because of these shortcomings. When we think of the characteristics of a traditional game with the play-to-earn business model, there is only one developing game that springs to mind, and that game is Mist NFT.

Analysis of the Market Based on Earnings Potential

Traditional gamers are familiar with the concept of play-to-earn games because many games allow players to sell in-game things for real-world currency. In addition to participating in competitive esports events, participants would go the extra mile to sell their leveled-up gaming accounts in order to bring in some more income. Players now have more opportunities to make quick money simply by playing games thanks to the development of blockchain gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The practice of converting in-game assets into non-fictional currencies (NFTs) has fundamentally altered the video game business, making games significantly more interesting and profitable for gamers.

There is a significant amount of room for development of play-to-earn games on the blockchain, as evidenced by the enormous success that Axie Infinity has experienced. The traditional video game business is currently trying very hard to capitalize on the rich opportunities presented by the NFT gaming industry. Traditional game manufacturers include Ubisoft. The game metaverse The Sandbox and Illuvium, the first AAA game to be built on blockchain, are currently two of the most interesting and potentially fruitful efforts in this sector.

What exactly is this MIST term?

Mist is the first game of its sort to be a BSC-based action role playing game (RPG), and it offers players the opportunity to engage in a dynamic style of combat that is normally exclusive to MMO games. The main focus of the game is on non-flipping tokens (NFTs), staking, and farming. Mist is an immersive online role-playing game that was developed with Unity by making use of the Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF). The game offers players a wide variety of playable classes, spells, skills, and places to explore. In order to get unique in-game objects, Mist makes use of functional NFTs that are placed into the Mist Game Framework.

Playing the Game

Traditional action role playing games are a significant source of inspiration for Mist’s gameplay, particularly its emphasis on fundamental combat and questing aspects. Within the massively multiplayer setting of Mist, users are able to communicate with one another, just like they would in any other MMO game. Players are able to partake in player versus player, or PvP, activities, which are a staple of classic massively multiplayer online games. Examples of PvE activities include questing and raiding. The developers are putting out their best efforts to design a system that will enable competitive players to pit their talents against those of other players who share their interests.

We shall see a fast-paced combat style in which the players will be required to continuously move while they are engaged in a conflict. The controls will mostly consist of WASD, and players will have many opportunities to jump and avoid incoming anger assaults. However, there are areas where players can roleplay while being protected by guards, which appeals to gamers who want a more laid-back style of action. The game’s creators are also thinking about incorporating emotes into the standard gameplay.

Players in Mist will be able to join a variety of guilds and factions, engage in PvP and PvE activities, and do business with one another in order to obtain MIST tokens. Within the Mist Metaverse, the writers of Mist have already begun developing a system that allows players to join guilds and factions. The initial part of the project will involve the implementation of pre-made guilds, each of which will have its own unique story. Players will eventually be able to form their own guilds as a result of subsequent upgrades and enhancements to the game.

The Ranks and Classes of Characters

There is one completely free character class in addition to the five paid character classes that are available in Mist. Players are able to experiment with a wide variety of spells and abilities, as well as different game roles, depending on the character class they choose. While certain classes are better suited for close-quarters combat, others have the ability to cast spells from a distance. Players also have the option to use the basic Adventurer class, which sees their stats improve as the game progresses. Each of the paid character class NFTs was made available for a price of 3000 $MIST, and the effects of each ability grew by 3% with each tier upgrade.

1. Crusader

Crusaders are resolute fighters in Mist who are known for their high levels of self-righteousness and obstinacy. Crusaders have exceptional physical power and are gifted by god, which enables them to defend their people from wild monsters and battle for the reclaimation of their territories. It is clear from both the character description and the early gameplay footage that Crusaders will have access to powerful melee weapons and will be extremely dangerous in close quarters battle. When you choose the Crusader class, you have access to a pair of battle axes called Vengeance and Mercy, which are only available to members of that class.

2. Enchanter

The psychic powers of enchanters are a natural gift for them, and they also have excellent analytical brains. Enchanters have spent a significant amount of time honing their abilities, and depending on which side they are on, they can be a trustworthy ally or a lethal foe. Players that choose to play as a wizard in Mist gain access to a wide selection of spells that can be utilized to gain an advantage over their rivals in combat. In addition, enchanters have access to the class-exclusive Staff of Leixran, which allows them to perform more damaging spells.

3. Ranger

It is common knowledge that rangers have the ability to harness earthly divine powers and exert control over natural forces. Players who choose to play as a Ranger will have access to Virdis Lupus, a trustworthy and enigmatic canine companion who is restricted to only that class. Rangers are highly skilled martial artists who are able to quickly learn new weapons and fighting tactics in order to gain an advantage over their adversaries.

4. Witch Hunter

In their quest to rid the world of evil, witch hunters are unrelenting in their efforts. The vicious assassins that make up the Witch Hunter class have the ability to turn the talents of their foes against them during battle. When engaging foes, players that take on the role of Witch Hunters are granted the ability to combine devastating long-range attacks with potent protective spells. The Shield of Agrazzak is an item that is only usable by Witch Hunters due to a class restriction on the item.

5. An Alternate Appearance

Those who can shift their appearance are able to assume the form of dangerous animals and obtain the upper hand in any conflict. Players have the ability to take control of the battleground by utilizing the array of multi-target assaults and formidable melee abilities that a Shape Shifter possesses. The Ember Ursus is a class-exclusive mount that gives Shape Shifters the ability to transform into a flaming beast and dramatically increase their combat effectiveness.

6. Adventurer

It was stated that the Adventurer class would be a free-to-play class that does not require any non-fictional items (NFTs) to play; however, you can still use NFTs to upgrade your spells and skills. Adventurers are expected to be proficient in a wide variety of skills and have access to a select number of spells from each of the classes. Players that choose to play as the Adventurer class have access to a wide variety of skills that can be utilized in a variety of contexts, making them resilient and unpredictable. There are currently no things that are unique to the Adventurer class; nevertheless, they are able to use the standard item, which is the Stag of Mozuer.

Play-to-Win in the MIST Casino

According to the whitepaper that was published by the development team working on Mist NFT, there will be a number of options to play in order to earn both within and outside of the game. Players of Mist will have access to a variety of ways to earn MIST tokens, which can then be exchanged for either other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. Players have the opportunity to learn new skills and create unique things, like armor, weapons, and bows. For this, users will either need to acquire raw materials themselves or purchase them from other players. Players have multiple opportunities to acquire MIST tokens, including the following:

• Clearing the open environment of Mist of its various hostile creatures.

• Completing a variety of quests and obtaining their associated rewards.

• The ability to sell in-game things

• The purchase of in-game NFTs

• Farming in-game after purchasing agricultural properties to use for the purpose.

• Investing in-game currency through in-game companies and businesses.

• Placing MIST tokens on the MIST website or on one of its partner websites and staking them there.

How NFTs Operate Within the MIST

In contrast to the majority of NFTs that are produced today, which are merely collectibles or works of art, Mist NFTs are extremely active, practical, and functional. It is possible to transfer your NFTs out of the game and sell them on exchanges or use them to redeem in-game stuff. You can do any of these things by transferring your NFTs out of the game. The different types of non-transferable items (NFTs) include things like weapons, armor, pets, and mounts, all of which can be used to make the gameplay more interesting. NFTs can also be upgraded, and every time a lower-level NFT is updated, a new, higher-level NFT is coined in its place. This effectively removes the lower-level NFT from circulation. There are five tiers of NFT upgrades, and as you progress through them, you will be required to spend an increasingly large amount of resources.

Tier 1 is the initial level of NFTs, and it consists of items that may be readily purchased or collected while playing the game.

From Tier 2 all the way up to Tier 4, these NFTs get progressively more powerful and difficult to get with each upgrade in the tier.

Tier 5 is the greatest level that an NFT can acquire in Mist; it is often referred to as the Legendary NFT. Tier 5 is the final level.

Keep in mind that in order to upgrade, you may only use an edition of NFTs that is compatible with your current edition. As a way to express gratitude to players that began supporting the game early on, The Mist NFT has announced that the first edition of the NFTs will have improved in-game statistics.


The Distribution of Tokens

The token goes by the name Mist NFT Token.

Ticker: MIST

Binance Smart Chain is a form of blockchain.

Token Standard: BEP-20

Governance and utility tokens are the types of tokens.

A contract with the following identifier: 0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67

The total amount available is one billion.

Supply in circulation is 56,357,088.00

As can be seen from the chart depicting the distribution of tokens, Mist has only set aside 4.5% of the tokens for the team, and it intends to put the remaining tokens to use in the operation of the various project components. Despite the fact that the tokens have a lock time of six months, which indicates that the team is not interested in establishing a product with a long-term outlook, the previous statement is demonstrably true.

Token Utility

MIST is the most important utility token in the game, in addition to serving as the governance token for the system. The following applications are the only ones that the developers have announced using it so far:

1. The in-game money, known as MIST, is completely compatible with the Binance Smart Chain and can be moved quickly and simply from one wallet to another, both within and outside of the game. You can also earn MIST in-game by slaying monsters, performing missions, selling NFTs, and doing a variety of other things. You will also require MIST for a variety of utilities, such as replacing NFTs, acquiring them, and restoring goods that have been damaged.

2. Farming and Staking: If you wish to generate more cash, you may stake your MIST tokens both within and outside of the game. This can be done either in-game or outside of it. Additionally, players have the opportunity to invest in in-game businesses and stand to earn if those enterprises are successful. Farmland and livestock can both be purchased within the game and used to increase one’s chances of receiving rewards.

Unique Selling Point

Mist is being built with the Unity game engine rather than the Unreal Engine. Because the game builds and code can be synchronized using the Unity Teams Collaborate module, it is substantially easier for developers to coordinate their work even when they are located in separate time zones. The game framework is appropriate for use in the development and deployment of multiplayer ARPGs (Action Role Playing Games), such as the following types of systems:

• Inventory management system that is integrally linked to the Binance Smart Chain

• User interface and special effects that can be customized

• The function for calculating the net promoter score

• Alignment system

• Capacity Assurance Program

• Quest system

• Method of armament

• Zone System

On the server side, the Mist framework implements a Python software development kit (SDK), which enables transactions to be routed to the Binance Smart Chain. The information of each user is transmitted in a safe manner to the smart contracts that are in charge of mining, farming, and the distribution of NFT rewards.

Developers Behind Mist

Since it was initially conceived of as a side project, the creation of Mist has now been ongoing for more than one and a half years. The team is led by a veteran independent video game programmer who goes by the moniker Scythe and hails from a different country than the other developers on the team. However, the team has not yet revealed their true identities, and they are now debating whether or not doing so would be the best course of action. Through multiple Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads, we were able to learn that the organization is made up of a variety of AI experts and researchers as well as game developers that have worked on some prominent games. They have made the decision to concentrate more on the game for the time being, and they believe that doxing could divert their attention away from the roadmap. We have no choice but to wait for them to disclose their identification once they have been set free.

Should You Enroll in the MIST Program?

Try out Mist, the ideal blockchain game for you to play if you are a fan of open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like Albion Online, which offer both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) combat options. The roleplaying component of Mist appeals to a sizable proportion of casual gamers who prefer games with a more laid-back atmosphere. Many traditional gamers, who believe the gameplay of existing blockchain games to be too simplistic, are drawn to the game because of its lifelike graphics and complicated game mechanics. Since the game has not yet been fully released (with alpha releases scheduled for May 2022), all we can do at this point is conjecture. In spite of the fact that having anonymous developers allows more attention to be placed solely on the game itself, the absence of any kind of player protection should raise a red flag. Before you put any money into Mist NFT, you ought to ensure that you have completed all of the necessary research. You can stay up to speed with the development of Mist by following them on various social media sites and joining their Discord server.

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